Central Life Sciences
Shipping & Receiving Transportation Policy

This shipping and receiving transportation policy must be complied with by all suppliers and contract manufacturers for inbound and 3rd party shipments for Central Life Sciences Purchase Orders (P.O.’s). This will ensure safe, timely and efficient transportation for all goods purchased from your company.

This transportation policy and attached route guide supersedes any previous instructions.

Please note: Any excess charges or fees incurred by Central Life Sciences (CLS) due to non-compliance of shipping, receiving or route guide instructions will be subject to reimbursement from supplier or contract manufacturer

Central Life Sciences Shipping Document Requirements

Bills of Lading (BOL)

  • BOL must reference Central Life Sciences Purchase Order Number as the BOL number
  • All BOL shipping descriptions must reference a current National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) description, item number (including sub-category if applicable), and freight class for each item shipped. Please contact our traffic dept if you need assistance determining the proper NMFC description at: CLS-Traffic@central.com
  • All Hazardous products must be notated in accordance with most recent 49CFR proper shipping names listed in HM table 172.101
  • All BOL shipping descriptions must reference accurate piece count noted as cases, bags, boxes, or drums - not only total number of pallets.
  • All BOL shipping descriptions must reference accurate weights.
  • BOL must reference complete ship from and ship to addresses.
  • All BOL where CLS is responsible for freight charges must state:
         o Carrier must send freight invoice to Central Garden & Pet, C/O Cass Information Systems, PO Box 67, St. Louis, MO 63166
  • Truckloads & Tanker loads must reference Seal & Trailer number.
  • Tanker loads must have wash certificates from previous load.

Packing Slip

  • Packing Slip must be attached to either the 1st or last pallet of the shipment.
  • Packing slip must contain the Central Life Sciences P.O. No., product code, component or material part no., product ID or description, quantity of each item by lot or batch and total quantity of each Central Life Sciences product code, component or material part number as noted in Central Life Sciences Receiving Guidelines & Requirements below.

Receiving Guidelines & Requirements

Companies delivering to Central Life Sciences per Purchase Order instructions need to comply with the following Receiving Guidelines and Requirements.

Products, components or materials cannot exceed

  • 56 inches in height for deliveries to Dallas, TX Plant
  • 52 inches for Council Bluffs, IA Plant

This measurement includes pallet. Any exceptions require pre-approval from CLS.

  • Pallet must be Grocery Manufacturer's Association (GMA), which is a 40” x 48” 4-way with no broken boards or stringers.
  • Products, components or materials cannot overhang any side of the pallet and must be securely wrapped to the pallet with clear shrink wrap to prevent shifting in transit.
  • Total gross weight cannot exceed 2,000 pounds per pallet.
  • Each handling unit (ie. box, drum, bag, case, etc...) must not exceed 50 lbs per unit without pre-approval by a CLS employee.
  • Each box, drum or bag must have the CLS product code, component or material part number, product identity or description with quantity visible on each box, drum or bag. In addition, chemicals and other commodity-type purchases' containers require a label, noting at a minimum: manufacturer gross, tare and net weight, along with manufacturer lot numbers and expiration dating.
  • Each lot or batch must be on its own pallet. Do not mix different lot numbers on a pallet.
  • The packing slip must contain the CLS Purchase Order Number, CLS product code, component or material part number, product identity or description, quantity of each item by lot or batch.
  • For raw materials such as chemicals, liquids or powders, please additionally insure that the net weight and lot or batch number are visible on each item, along with any government regulated information.
  • For example, at a minimum, this is the type of information that should be on the packing list or package:

Full Street Address
Part Number # 100022 = 1000 ea
Purchase Order Number
Description: use description as stated on P.O.
Lot # XXXXXX = 500 ea
Lot # YYYYYY = 500 ea

  • A delivery appointment is required a MINIMUM of 24 hrs in advance of arrival for both facilities.
  • For Deliveries to Council Bluffs, Iowa, please call or e-mail:
    (712) 352-5709 or (712) 352-5712
  • For Deliveries to Dallas, Texas, please e-mail:
  • Receiving Hours are:
    Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Buyer indicated on the purchase order.

Carrier Selection

Prepaid shipments can be routed by carrier of your choice. Please advise your carrier, as noted above, that delivery appointment is required for all inbound shipments going directly to a Central Life Sciences facility.

Collect or 3rd Party shipments that are billed to CLS all require routing confirmation from CLS Traffic Department before shipping. Routing can be obtained by e-mailing:


The following information is required on all e-mail routing requests before carrier can be assigned:

  • Central Life Sciences Purchase Order Number
  • Ship from and Ship to - City, State and Zip code
  • NMFC item number for the product being shipped OR a detailed description (including product identification, case/product dimensions, weight and value) of the item being shipped if NMFC is not known. This NMFC information is required to be notated on your BOL as noted above in Bill of Lading requirements.
  • Number of pallets
  • Total weight of shipment
  • Any special requirements such as temperature control (and desired temperature that is required), loading dock hours limitations, Hazardous materials with Proper Shipping Name, holiday operating hours or any other special needs that need to be taken into consideration.
  • If you need assistance arranging carrier pick up we require contact personnel names and phone numbers for our carriers to reach out to for directions into your facilities.

We appreciate and thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the CLS Shipping & Receiving transportation policy.