Policy Against Human Trafficking & Slavery

Central Garden & Pet Company (“Central”) is committed to fostering a work environment and business relationships that are free from human trafficking and slavery, including all forms of forced labor and illegal child labor. We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to promote ethical and lawful practices in our own operations and employment relationships. We also will not tolerate any practice that constitutes or facilitates human trafficking or slavery in any part of our supply chain, including our key suppliers.

We expect each of our suppliers and business partners to operate their businesses in a manner consistent with the ethical practices that we embrace within Central. The level of conduct that we expect from our suppliers includes adherence to the following standards:

  1. Suppliers will not use forced labor which includes any work performed involuntarily under a threat of penalty or sanction.
  2. Suppliers will ensure that the terms and conditions of employment are voluntary.
  3. Suppliers will comply with all laws governing child labor and will ensure compliance with legal requirements governing wages, overtime, benefits and safety.
  4. Suppliers will comply with legal and contractual requirements governing the maximum hours to be worked.
  5. Suppliers will provide a safe working environment which will also apply to any supplier-provided living accommodations.
  6. Suppliers will provide a work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment or abuse.
  7. Suppliers will not use any type of misleading or fraudulent practices during the recruitment or hiring of employees.
  8. Suppliers will not retaliate against any employee or other persons who file a complaint or reports a suspected violation of any aspect of the Policy.

Central expects that its Suppliers will be capable of demonstrating compliance with these standards to Central’s satisfaction. Central will conduct appropriate audits and take other steps to ensure compliance. These steps include a thorough investigation of any indication that a supplier is engaging in any conduct prohibited by these standards and taking prompt appropriate remedial measures if a violation occurs. Central also expects that all of its employees, subcontractors, and business units will act strictly in accordance with these standards.

Central will, on an ongoing basis, evaluate our business operations and supply chain relationships to identify areas that may be higher risks for activities that would violate any component of this Policy so that special efforts can be focused on those areas. Central will also provide ongoing training to its employees that have direct responsibility for supply chain management on matters relating to this Policy and how best to ensure compliance.