Ethical behavior is critical to Central Garden & Pet’s long term sustainable success. This is foundational to the way we conduct ourselves in all of our business transactions and how we have built our reputation in the industry, with our customers, and with our employees.

At Central Garden & Pet, we believe it is critical to:

  • Do the Right Thing

  • Treat People with Dignity and Respect

  • Strive to Create a Safe Workplace and Protect the Environment

  • Deliver on Commitments, Results and Quality

By supporting these values, we will perpetuate a culture of ethical behavior and fulfill the expectations Central Garden & Pet has for all our employees.

William E. Brown

Tim Cofer
Chief Executive Officer

To Our

To be treated with honesty, dignity and respect, and to provide a work environment that fosters safety, equal opportunities for growth and open communication

To Our

To provide a competitive return on their investment while conducting our business in an ethical manner

To Our

To Our Consumers

To produce quality, branded products they have confidence in purchasing

To Our

To build relationships based on trust and integrity

To Our

To purchase goods and services on the basis of value, availability, cost, quality, reliability, and delivery of terms and services

To Our

To be a good corporate citizen and comply with the letter and the spirit of all federal, state and local laws

Throughout our locations, Central Garden & Pet donates and volunteers in community-oriented organizations and services that enhance the family and their loved ones, human and pet.  Central Garden & Pet supports local food banks, shelter organizations and schools, and partners with large organizations like Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, (ARF) whose core mission is the rescue of dogs and cats near the end of their time at public shelters. 

California Transparency in Supply Chain Act

Policy Against Human Trafficking & Slavery

Human Rights & Modern Slavery Statements

To report suspected unethical behavior or to seek guidance on any situation involving potential ethical violations, call 1-800-780-0108 or email

For further information on our corporate values and ethics, please click on The Way We Do Business.