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Bird & Small Animal

We are dedicated to providing the finest wild bird and small animal pet products in the industry. The goal for both of our brands is to continuously study the health and environmental needs of wild and companion birds and small animal pets and to provide perfect solutions to their needs. Central Avian & Small Animal also strives to significantly contribute to promoting a total quality wild bird and small pet experience for you and your family.

The KAYTEE people know that better nutrition means a healthier pet and that successful wild bird feeding begins with offering fresh, clean ingredients. Starting with wholesome seeds and grains, KAYTEE cleans and fortifies them with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals and combines them with fruits, nuts, vegetables and other ingredients that birds and pets love. All of our products use quality ingredients with no waste, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities. Every KAYTEE product is thoroughly researched, tested and precisely formulated according to the nutrient profiles of each particular pet species. All of our products are backed by our unsurpassed satisfaction guarantee.

The Super Pet people are experts too, working together to provide the pet owner with the most specialized habitats of superior design and quality for pet birds and small animals. Each high quality habitat is constructed to provide the finest environment for your pet. The Super Pet brand is recognized as the #1 brand of cages and innovative accessories and toys that encourage interaction and enhance the bond between owners and their pets. Super Pet provides the most specialized habitat and accessories to develop and maintain a long, happy association between you and your pet.