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Aquatics & Reptiles

We are the largest domestic producer of aquariums and terrariums and a leading supplier of high-end aquatics consumables including sophisticated lighting systems, high-end water conditioners and supplements and other premium supplies to create and maintain a thriving environment for both fresh water and salt water/reef beginners and hobbyists.

Aqueon® products have been designed and formulated with one goal: provide the beginner and long-term hobbyist the highest quality, most innovative products in the marketplace. We provide foods that have been formulated with premium natural ingredients; our line of aquarium filters are self-starting, quiet and have extremely high “independent lab certified” flow rates; and our industry-leading variety of aquarium kits include carefully matched components to ensure a successful fish-keeping experience.
The vision at Zilla® is to take our passion for reptiles and create quality, innovative products that help them thrive like they would in their own native environments. Create everything from a lush tropical jungle, to an arid desert climate, to an exotic aquatic habitat. Terrariums, lighting, bedding, food and décor are just a few of the wide variety of quality products you will find emblazoned with the Zilla logo.

 KENT Marine® is committed to providing effective ways to keep beautiful, healthy aquariums. For over 15 years, we have been offering solutions that help the hobbyist properly care for and nurture their fresh and saltwater habitats.

KENT Marine offers a full line of chemicals and supplements to help the passionate fish keeper achieve success in creating and maintaining a colorful, beautiful, thriving aquatic environment. We offer a full array of products to help every level of hobbyist—from easy-dosing nutritional supplements to concentrated Pro Series formulations and everything in between. KENT Marine also manufactures a full line of skimmers, R/O units and accessories to aide in the quest for aquatic harmony.

Coralife® is the industry leader in aquatic lighting, while also offering a full range of high performance products for the demanding aquarium enthusiast. Always at the forefront of innovation, we continue that tradition by setting the standard in aquarium product technology.

Whether you create a thriving freshwater planted aquarium or a brilliant tropical reef, Coralife has a lighting system to meet your needs. 

Arguably one of the most established names in the aquatic industry with over 50 years of experience, Interpet is a brand you can trust. We are committed to all aspects of aquatics from equipment to chemicals and dedicated to new product development and industry evolution.  

The Interpet indoor aquatic portfolio has a complete range of all the products needed for aquarium set up, maintenance and long term growth. The range covers Filtration - including the award winning Internal Power Filter with patented ‘Aqua Valve’, Heating, Aeration, Lighting, Treatments, Water Testing, Décor, Maintenance Equipment, Breeding, Fish Food and Gold – our sub-brand for young Goldfish keepers. 

The heritage of English water gardening started with the landscaped gardens of stately homes and has developed into the domestic British water garden we are familiar with today. Blagdon’s decades of knowledge and understanding are at the forefront of helping consumers achieve their aspirations of creating beautiful garden ponds, and to make water gardening easy, affordable and rewarding.

For the enthusiast looking to stay current with the latest developments in the aquarium hobby, we provide Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine from T.F.H. Publications. Since the first issue hit newsstands in 1952, Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine has been at the forefront of educating and entertaining aquarium hobbyists—from beginner to advanced—month after jam-packed month. With expert authors delivering up-to-the-minute coverage of the ever-changing aquarium hobby, all illustrated with dazzling, world-class aquatic photography, TFH Magazine is considered the most accurate and valuable magazine for aquarists of all levels.