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Animal Wellness


Pets are part of your family. You care about their health as much as your own. When they’re happy and feeling good, so are you. And a healthy pet means less vet bills.

Our pet health care products help your pets live long, happy and healthy lives. Based on proven scientific research, leading veterinarians developed these quality products to help promote your pets’ vitality, good health and positive behavior. Affordably-priced, these products provide veterinarian-quality options conveniently available without a visit to the vet.

We also offer the latest, most effective and comprehensive flea, tick and mosquito control products under the Adams, Bio Spot, Farnam, Pre-Strike, Wellmark and Zodiac brands. These products treat the pet, home and yard, killing adult fleas and ticks while breaking the flea lifecycle with an insect growth regulator (IGR). Less fleas and ticks leaves your pet, and you, healthier and happier.