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Pet Brands

The Pet supplies industry continues to experience strong growth. It is now estimated that over 62% of US households own a pet, up from 57% in the late 1990s. According to Packaged Facts, almost 50% of US households own either a cat or a dog. Like humans, our pets are living longer. This is due to a trend known as the 'Humanization' of pets. We can't help it. We like to spoil and indulge our animals. That is why we are committed to developing products that further tighten the bond between humans and pets with healthy animal food treats and toys; pet care products; beautiful to look at, simple to install and easy to maintain aquariums and; a series of books and periodicals designed to help the owner deepen the bond with his/her pet.

Our objective is to provide high quality, premium pet products that enrich the pet ownership experience and tighten the bond between families and their pets. This is especially important considering the fact that studies reveal the percentage of households owning pets in the United States is greater than 60% and growing.

Our dedicated staff is focused on introducing the latest thinking on new, cool, innovative products. Innovation is the hallmark of our success in the Pet category. Year in and year out, our premium pet brands are recognized throughout the industry and by consumers for their unique, creative and ease-of-use products sold to both the small, independent retailers and large, national outlets. We consistently receive more awards for new products and customer service than any other manufacturer or distributor in the industry.