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Weed, Insect & Pest Control

We supply a broad range of specialty control garden chemicals designed to improve the beauty and overall quality of outdoor living. From broad-based weed killers and insecticides to specific applications designed to control moss, fire ants, snails and slugs, we take great care to ensure that these products are effective and easy to use.

We sell our broad-based control applications under the Eliminator and Knockout private labels. Our leading proprietary applications can be found under Sevin , Lilly Miller , IMAGE , and Maxide brand names.

For fire ant control, we offer consumer two options. The first is AMDRO fire ant bait, a leading brand designed to provide long-term control by eliminating the entire colony. The second is Over'nOut , a leading broadcast contact killer that provides long lasting control of fire ants. In addition, we market ant baits, animal repellents and garden aid products under the Grant's , AMDRO , SureStop , and Ro-PEL brand names.