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Nylabone® Fills Puppy Toy Chest with New Playtime Products

Mar 12, 2010

Nylabone® Fills the Puppy Toy Chest with New Playtime Products
Puppy Teething StarTM and Puppy Rubber Play Pack Head to Retail Shelves

NEPTUNE CITY, NJ‒Playtime for puppies is more enjoyable than ever with the introduction of two new products by Nylabone®, The Leader in Responsible Animal Care for Over 50 Years®.

The Puppy Teething Star is specially designed to satisfy teething young dogs’ natural desire to chew, while the Puppy Play Pack offers two favorite toys – the Puppy Rhino® Cone and Puppy Rhino® Teethe ’n Tossin a convenient single package.

“Puppies love to play and are extremely inquisitive about their surroundings for months upon their arrival into a new home,” says Mark E. Johnson, Executive Vice President of Nylabone Products and parent company T.F.H. Publications, Inc., based in Neptune City, N.J. “These veterinarian-recommended products can help keep young dogs out of mischief and provide endless hours of enjoyment.

“During those first formative months of life, it is important for pet parents to encourage appropriate chewing behavior before destructive chewing habits have a chance to develop,” Johnson explains. “Puppies need constructive ways to release energy and quell the desire to chew on anything in their sight,” adds Johnson. “Chews and toys that are safe and appealing can provide them with that outlet, making puppyhood a pleasurable time for the entire family.”

Nylabone, the name known and trusted by more dog owners than any other major premium chew/toy brand, is a longtime advocate of educating pet parents on minimizing destructive chewing — a major reason dogs are given up to animal shelters — by offering simple solutions to remedy the troublesome habit.

Made in multi-shapes and materials for added fun, the Puppy Teething Star and the Puppy Play Pack all feature textured surfaces, including dental nubs that help clean teeth and reduce tartar. “Puppies like the colorful textured designs, which hold their chewing interest, ease the discomfort of teething and keep them away from inappropriate chewing objects,” Johnson says.

The Puppy Teething Star™ has a suggested retail price of $10.99; the Puppy Play Pack has a suggested retail price of $10.49.

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Nylabone® Products is a respected producer of premium dog products, and the Leader in Responsible Pet Care for Over 50 Years®. Nylabone is a division of T.F.H. Publications, Inc., the world’s most distinguished publisher of high-quality care and training books for pets, and a founding member of the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association (APPMA). Nylabone is recognized for its excellence, quality, innovation and leadership in today’s pet industry. Its patented and patent-pending products are frequently industry award-winners. T.F.H./Nylabone is a subsidiary of Central Garden & Pet Company. For more information, visit

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