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Pet Brands - KAYTEE® Launches Pet Ownership Campaign

Aug 11, 2009

KAYTEE® Pet Products, a leading manufacturer of wild bird and small pet foods and Super Pet®, a major manufacturer of habitats for pet birds and small animals, are launching an informational campaign throughout the U.S. to promote ownership of birds and small pet animals.
CENTRAL marketing executives recently met with Marc Morrone in his New York pet store to finalize their alliance and spend time with some feathered friends.The Chilton, WI based company is partnering with well-known pet expert Marc Morrone to illustrate the benefits and economics of pet ownership during a recession. According to Kathy Evens, Central VP of Marketing, “We think it’s important to let people know that they can own inexpensive pets and birds that will provide the same benefits of comfort and companionship as a dog or a cat for a fraction of the cost. Parents who choose to have birds or small animals in their households will find that this is an excellent and inexpensive alternative to larger and more expensive pets, and their children will learn the same lessons in responsibility and animal care.”

“Interacting with pets can make life easier and more enjoyable. They’re like additional family members and we’re going to spread that message all over the country with Marc Morrone this summer,” states Evens.
KAYTEE contacted Morrone earlier this year and asked him if he would be interested in becoming the campaign spokesman and he jumped at the chance. According to Evens, “Marc is the perfect spokesman for this campaign. He’s a well-known pet expert who appears regularly on Martha Stewart’s syndicated TV show, he’s authored a number of books on bird and pet care and he owns his own pet store. We’re extremely happy and excited to be working with him.” Morrone is taking his message public with media interviews across the country in addition to his weekly satellite radio program.
Marc will also produce a dozen video vignettes which will feature individual small pet animals and birds. We’re calling these videos “Pocket Pets with Marc Morrone” and he will explain the personalities of these animals and birds to help parents choose the right pet for their children and to emphasize how easy and inexpensive it is to care for them. These videos will be distributed nationwide to approximately 180 television outlets for broadcast and we also plan to post them on our website. Additionally, the videos will be available to our Sales Team to share with their buyers for showing at retail.
We are also launching a major print PR program for which we’ll write and place stories on pet ownership with major consumer, family and children’s publications as well as major newspapers and Sunday magazines.
Adding an event element to our program will be our major sponsorship of a day at the Wisconsin State Fair. We will be the featured corporate sponsor in the main mall at the fair on August 7. Marc Morrone and other Kaytee/Super Pets personnel will be making presentations on feeding wild birds and pet ownership benefits as well as many other family friendly activities.
About Central Avian & Small Animal
Central Avian & Small Animal Company is the leading manufacturer of food and habitats for wild birds, companion birds, and small animal pets. The products are provided under the KAYTEE and Super Pet brands. With Corporate Headquarters located in Chilton, Wisconsin, Central Avian & Small Animal has over a 140-year commitment to providing innovative products for the health and enjoyment of birds and small animals. For more information, please visit or